Papa’s Sushiria :

Prepare the best serving dish in the town at papa’s sushiria, Serve the finely cut slices of Sushi made best at papa’s cooking place.
You are being part of papa sushiria and in-charge on duty for a period of time.
Cook the best sushi for your customers.
Earn more reward points and unlock new menu items.
Buy furniture and clothing things for your lobby and surroundings.
Send coupons to invite people.
Number of outfits for customers can be unlocked by using stickers.
You will experience the play for whole year having each season and list you 12 holidays.
Papa’s Sushirira is the best sushi place where you can get delicious slices of sushi roll having different filling of mixtures and served alongside with the tea. You are being hired for the town best sushi place as papa louie is on a wild mission so all the responsibilities is on you, as you are the in-charge on duty. So you are the person who will manage all the task in the sushi shop, firstly you have to maintain the timing of the shop as when to open and when to close, open the shop and attend your customers with a greet and ask them for the order and the amount of ingredients they need, take the order and move to the kitchen. Now the main task begins you have to prepare the delicious sushi meal as boil the rice for the sushi and then make a roll of it and add all the mixture of ingredients in the roll as needed by the customer and make them finely cut into slices and them add some extra toppings over the meal with an along side tea which is purely made of different kind of leaves and added pure milk and serve them the proper meal and make them feel good by providing them what they need. You can also ask your mail man to deliver coupons to some of your regular customer as it will make them meet you and order a sushi meal soon. You have to earn number of points and unlock stickers which will help you to make more and number of different outfits for your customers and provide them meals with tea as well. Papa cooking game will let you manage the time and learn how to deal with the raise in salary and appreciation. Learn how to cook and prepare the best meal with your chef and get rise in your checks amount as well. So don’t wait now just play the best series of the papa cooking game online for free.