Summer Play is here, just drift away the heated summer by joining papa’s Freezeria ice-cream shop.
You are landed at a place where you have to manage a ice-cream shop.
Papa’s Freezeria is the Ice-cream shop at Tropical island of Calypso.
You are the in-charge of the Ice-cream shop in peak tourist season.
Make the customer happy and unlock different toppings and products used in making freeze ice-creams.
Papa’s Freezeria is an ice-cream shop where you are the in-charge on duty for the summer vacation break as papa Louie is on a summer break and he has assigned you the duty to serve his customers which are now yours and make your better service as great service is being awarded with money and satisfaction of customers. You have to keep the things straight as in this hot summer season people are almost not in a mood to wait so it must be the service you can provide them. Making your customer feel comfortable and ask them for order with little things added in it with proper toppings , taste to be good and relief a better sundae ice-cream for them. You have to work alone in the ice-cream shop in which the task you follow daily is to come , take order of the customers and without making them wait provide their ice-cream with all the things they need and earn the money with some extra reward points by providing them freeze ice-cream and sundaes. New toppings ,candies, syrups are being unlocked while playing game as these series of papa cooking games mostly help a player to use new techniques to cook food and make dishes and manage time as well. Time management is the standard feature of papa cooking games as customer satisfaction depends on the time and food.