Papa’s Bakeria:

Work to learn and celebrate papa louie 10 anniversary at his biggest Restaurant ever, Papa Bakeria is the biggest restaurant owned by papa louie serving pie.
Papa louie is celebrating his 10 anniversary and he has hired you.
Your task is to serve customers with best pie.
Earn more customers by clearing levels.
New Sticker section is also there.
Papa’s Bakeria is the biggest restaurant ever in Whiskview mall, papa louie has been hired you as a cook as he is going to celebrate his 10 anniversary and you are now the in-charge on duty to cook and serve the customers on single handed and make them reward you with more satisfaction. You have to follow some few steps to make your level moves up and raise them by playing and earning more money leads to new levels and turn up satisfying more customers as well. Firstly you have to open the restaurant and start attending the customers and take the orders with all little things a customer need should be provided and then moving to the cooking section by taking the perfect crust and insert/add all the ingredients asked by a customer and place them to bake as much you think and place them over the pan to fill the extra toppings with more stickers providing by playing and earning. Filling all the crust and add toppings with all needed decoration pie is provided to the customer in as much less time. Earning more points will leads to unlock more stickers and make you serve more customers as well as you will reward them new outfit at the last stage level. These interesting things are the main features of papa bakeria which will motivate you to seek more points by playing hard and learn how to cook a pie? And maintain the time to bake and add toppings online and then try them offline as well , this will eventually help you to manage time and prepare the perfect pie in town for all.