Papa’s CupCakeria

Cupcakes is the all-rounder in the sweet food category field , as it is preferred to be the all season addition to our meals or in a day.
You are hired to manage papa Louie Cupcakeria shop.
Master in all four station to cook the best cupcakes.
Manage time and make your customer happy.
Level up each time , greets with great addition.
Papa cupcakeria is a cupcake shop owned by papa louie in picturesque town of Frostfield. You as a player is being hired to cook the food and manage the shop all alone as louie is on a vacation. Main objective for you is to open the shop regularly and cook the delicious cup cakes by mastering all four station as it will eventually help you learn “how to cook cup-cakes? As well”. You simply have to follow the steps as to take order from the order station while making them sure what they need, then move to the cook station and prepare the batter and wrappers in a pan , cook them to the best with reference to the order and decorate it with the number of toppings in the build station and deliver it to the customer in minimum time as possible with perfection. Your customer will reward you according to their satisfaction and may become your regular customer as these things will eventually leads to you to new levels up each time and moving to new levels will give you increase in your earnings and increment check each week. Customers are the main source so to make them happy you should be master of all the cooking with making things ready in time with all perfection. Papa cooking game series are the best thing available online as people can easily know how to cook things and using ingredients in them while preparing them in time is the management factor that all we people need. So just try to prepare meals online before serving it to your best mate plate.